EPDM Commercial Grade Rubber 60 Durometer

Size: 1/16" x 36" x 50'


TENSILE: 750 psi
TEMPERATURE: -30°F to +200° F
COLOR: Black


EPDM Rubber also known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic elastomer and has outstanding resistance chemicals in addition to weather related hazards, UV Rays and ozone. EPDM Rubber has a very good aging resistance and low temperature flexibility, low electrical conductivity and satisfactory resistance to polar chemicals.  EPDM rubber is commonly used in the construction and automotive industries that are exposed to the elements.

EPDM Rubber has ample elastic and pliable qualities making it very resilient to alkaloids and detergents; it does have some mild resistant to petroleum and works best if lying flat.  High pressure lines and pipe gaskets use EPDM Rubber because of its resistance to ultraviolet light and temperature cycling.   EPDM Rubber resists elevated levels of ozone, high temperature water environments, petrochemicals and mild to extreme weather and remains flexible as sheeting when exposed to harsh extremes such as, marine and underwater applications. 

EPDM Rubber is a great weather resistant material and WholesaleRubberDepot has the best prices on Commercial Grade EPDM Rubber!

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