SBR Red Rubber

Size: 1/16” x 36” x 50’


TENSILE: 711 psi
TEMPERATURE: -30°F to +170° F
COLOR: Red offers Red SBR Rubber or Styrene-butadiene rubber that is a polymer used in the manufacture of expanded rubber which is very economical and has no unique chemical resistance properties. Red SBR Rubber is a very versatile rubber material with good tensile strength and moderate temperature ratings. It is often substituted for natural rubber in countless applications with considerable cost savings!

Red SBR Rubber is flexible and can withstand temperatures of over 150°F for long periods of time. Primarily used in the gasket industry, Red SBR Rubber is used for flange gasket material in piping applications. SBR Rubber is essential in the HVAC and construction industry as it is versatile, flexible and tough enough to stand up.  SBR rubber is an excellent choice when deciding to choose a material that has great mechanical properties and flexibility. With the low resistance to oils, it makes the Red SBR Rubber more suitable for applications with no petroleum based systems because it offers little resistance to ozone and to the majority of hydrocarbons.

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